Please check below for our Ten point program listing needed changes in laws affecting the Judiciary.

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Ten Point Legislative program for Judicial Reform.

1. Legislative reversal of Sparf; reinstitute Jury Nullification;        
2. Legislative Mandate that failure of a Judge to: A. Follow the law or B. Comply with the Judicial Cannon of Ethics is a class D felony;
3. Legislative enactment that everyone in a Courtroom is a Mandated Reporter regarding failure of a Judge to act in accordance with number 2 above, failure to report shall be a class D felony;
4.  Complaints or reports of failure of a Judge to comply with number 2 above, will be investigated by a Special Prosecuter with Supeona/Summons power, and if probable cause exists, the matter will be presented to a Grand Jury for consideration of  indictment;
5. Institute a form of double blind procedure for tryers of fact;
6. Legislative Mandate change in Grand Jury procedure to incorporate some basic principles of an adversary system.
7. On matters concerning the constitutionality of enacted laws, the US Supreme Court must rule with a two thirds majority;
8. It shall be a class C felony for any Public Attorney to modify evidence, to with hold evidence, or delay production of documents or to overcharge defendents.
9. All court proceedings, excepting certain Family Law matters,  shall as a minimum be broadcast on local public access chanels.
10. It shall be a class D felony for any person to approach any Judge in any ex parte manner, and it shall be a class D felony for a Judge to fail to report and or take action in the instance of same.

These reforms will reestablish Honor to our system of Jurisprudence.  Thank you very much.

22 Nov 2012; Thanksgiving Day, I was on an airplane and seated with a Psychiatrist, and she told me that the best way to reduce stress in my life was to do something.  If I feel stressed about babies being murdered via abortion, I should do something. If I feel stressed about the recent Presidential Election, I should do something.  But what can I do??  This website is the answer.  Please to study this website, and write some letters telling someone about the need for Judicial Reform. Also  write some letters concerning the reforms listed on this website.  To reduce stress even more,  encourage some friends or relative to also write letters.  Who should we send letters to?  Any legislative persons on any Judiciary Committees, any judges including Supreme Court Justices. Write a letter to the President of the United States. Write a letter to the First Lady of the United States. Write a letter to your own Congess Person.  Reduce stress.  Happy Thanksgiving. 

Hello; go to "youtube" and do a search for "judicial reform David Barton," for an excellent briefing on why we need Judicial Reform. 

Also in Youtube, search with the following phrase: "Vetting US Supreme Court."

Next, check the published works of Robert Bork.

Also, consider the fact that there is an ongoing tension in the judicial branch between "Justice", and "Expediency."

(Google these two words together preceeded by the word "Adler", and you will get a full briefing on the tension between these two concepts. )

Google: "Adler Justice Expediency."

The Human Cost that results because our Judiciary does not function in the best interest of our society and in accordance with that document known as the Constitution of the United States

How many people are in prison because of:
1. Sparf. Fully Informed Jury,
2. Failure of a Judge to follow the law, or follow the Judicial Canon of Ethics;
3. Minor Drug Laws;
4. Victimless Crime;
5. Deaths because of Abortion;
6. Tax Laws

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